Russian Language and Culture
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Week - Fortnightly
Day - Thursday
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 Pу́сский Язы́к

Russian (Language + Culture)

We are a confident mixed-ability group and are quite happy with such a learning methodology. Some of our members are new-ish to the language, some have had experience of it for many years and some have taught the language at adult level. The group has been meeting since 2010 and we have been working at an Intermediate Level of Language Learning for over a year now. Currently, we are developing our reading/reading comprehension and pronunciation skills in Russian via a variety of parallel texts in Russian and English. These texts really help us to reinforce our grammar/language structure knowledge and vocabulary; all of which are very complex within the Russian language.   Prior to this, we had been reading easy-read/edited versions of the classic Russian novels; for example `Taras Bulba` by Nikolai Gogol, `Anna Karyenina` by Lyev Tolstoy and Lyermontov`s `A Hero of Our Time`.  Following the language section of the session and our tea/coffee break, we always move into the cultural section. As are the language sections, these are all organised by the group members on a rota system.

Since 2010, during these cultural sections, we have watched internet video footage of for example, the Siege of Leningrad, tours of St Petersburg, Peterhof, the incredible Hermitage Museum and the Bolshoi and Maly Theatres in Moscow. We have explored the most famous works of Russian literature, theatre and music and even invited native Russian speakers to talk to us about their `Motherland`. We have had regular on-line sessions with a Professor of Media English at a St Petersburg University.

Also, as an important part of the cultural sections of our sessions, we have organised Summer and Winter Study Days in various beautiful locations in Lancashire to promote `The Grey Economy`, have organised visits to local theatres to see performances of Russian dramas and have even seen streamed performances of the Bolshoi Ballet here in Southport. The details of these events are all listed in the group`s archive, the link for which you will find below.

Our aim has always been to use our language skills in a practical way and so it was wonderful to be able to use our learning in simple but confident conversations during our June 2017 Titan Travel-guided holiday to Moscow and St Petersburg. You can also read about this trip by clicking on the `archive` icon at the bottom of our webpage. There is a lot to read as we have been very busy since 2010. In this archive there is a Basic Russian course to study and a link to the musical talks, (`The Magical Musical Mystery Tour`) which I perform in the North-West for the U3A and for other organisations.

The Russian language is difficult to learn but we do have great fun!!!  

So, if you like a challenge and have any questions, then please contact me by email

Best wishes,
Chris Devereux